Compute Requirements

Minimum Requirements of machine type n2-standard-8

8 vCPU

16 GB Memory

2 TB Storage

Operating System Options

Ubuntu 20.04.3 (focal)

Debian 11 (bullseye)


Contact RapidFort Support before using a different operating system

Storage Permission Requirements

    Google Cloud Service Account with Read-Write-Delete Permissions for the Storage Bucket
    • storage.buckets.get
    • storage.multipartUploads.abort
    • storage.multipartUploads.create
    • storage.multipartUploads.listParts
    • storage.objects.create
    • storage.objects.delete
    • storage.objects.get
    • storage.objects.list

Network Requirements


1. Networking and Security Policies allow HTTPS ingress to the RapidFort platform VM over port 443 from

  • end-user desktop browsers
  • environments in which container images are deployed and tested

RapidFort CLI must be able to reach the RapidFort platform as containers are instrumented and hardened

    2. Networking and Security Policies allow SSH access to the RapidFort administrator.


    The RapidFort VM must have HTTPS egress to the RapidFort Vulnerability Database and so must the Kubernetes pods deployed within the RapidFort deployment.

    Private DNS Consideration

    It may be Company Policy to block public DNS (e.g. and have a private GCP DNS instance instead. This should be determined ahead of time so the RapidFort deployment is configured accordingly.

    1. Check if the public DNS accessible
    2. Check /etc/resolv.conf for DNS
         sudo cat /etc/resolv.conf