Many organizations use Open Source Software to speed up the development of their software. However, it turns out that between 70% to 90% of those components are not essential for the software to work. This poses a security risk for the organization as it increases its software attack surface.

RapidFort's SASM Platform automatically identifies software components not needed during execution at either Build time or Run time in production. By removing these unnecessary components manually or automatically using tools built into the platform, the attack surface and vulnerabilities can be reduced by approximately 80%. This enables developers to concentrate on building great software instead of spending time fixing vulnerabilities in code they didn't write, dramatically increasing the efficiency of the dev and security teams. The optimized containers load faster and consume fewer resources, ultimately reducing the organization's cloud costs.

The RapidFort SASM platform comprises a Server, Client CLI tools, and a Web-based dashboard for viewing the results of scanning and hardening, downloading reports, and administration, such as onboarding users and creating service accounts.