How to Create a Service Account

Service accounts are recommended for CI/CD pipelines. The RapidFort CLI tools require authenticating with RapidFort.

  1. Step 1: Log into the RapidFort Dashboard
    1. Open a web browser, navigate to the RapidFort dashboard, and log in.
  2. Create a Service Account
    1. Go to the Settings page. Select Service Accounts and Create a new service account.
      1. Name/Tag: Enter a tag for the service account (e.g. "GitLab Runner").
      2. Expiration time: Select an expiration time (e.g. 90 days).
      3. Password: Enter your password.
    2. Create the service account.Step 2: Create a Service Account
  3. Add the Service Account Credentials

Copy the service account credentials to your clipboard or download the credentials to your system.



access_id = RFabcdefghijkl123456

secret_key = 01234567891011abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

rf_root_url =

To use the service account, you can either set environment variables or update the RapidFort credentials file on the client system.

You can set the following environment variables:



You can also update the RapidFort credentials file on the client system with the service account credentials. By default, the RapidFort credentials file is in ~/.rapidfort/credentials.

You may delete service accounts. Once a service account has been deleted, the access id and secret access key will no longer be valid.